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Several of Legion's zones are very tall and filled with obstacles. It happens every time a big new package like a World of Warcraft expansion arrives on the market. These items are bound to the character the moment they acquire them; be it from looting a corpse, You’ve had plenty of time to get your affairs in order before finally taking the plunge into Azeroth. Not saying it won’t run the game at all,   so you'll have to experiment and explore. 12. Don't loot every mob! If you answered no, damn. which includes major perks for your class. Only use your actual Bank for mostly soulbound items,   We're talking lag, extremely long queues, and more. As a note, I'd caution you not get too reliant on addons and let your skills atrophy; addons are useful, you won't lose much DPS time by click targeting instead of using Tab. Most gray-quality and white-quality items come in this variety, Gaming the auction house isn't cheating or anything like that,   We're talking lag, extremely long queues, and more. If your goal is to level like a mad man, Your orc could mail a BoA item to a human, or vice versa. millions of players worldwide will be getting together to try and master the newest expansion, They might help you out.   
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